Building the Future of Health

June 1 10:00-11:30

ZIF Session: New Initiatives in Care Pt. 1

Innovative concepts for care and housing

The demand for care is changing in the Netherlands and this leads to new and different initiatives and building concepts. This session will go into a few exemplary recent projects and new health buildings in the Northern Netherlands. In this session: care institution De Noorderbrug, Sûnenz care centre for healthy and active ageing and Public Housing Cooperative Groninger Huis. Recently Noorderbrug transformed a complex of old, empty offices into a vibrant ‘talent and living center’ which is home to 100 clients. The facility is innovative and unique to the Netherlands. Clients, their families and our employees have been partners in every step of the development and participated in expert groups and taskforces. Instead of sharing rooms, every client has his own private apartment including high tech domotics. Sûnenz is working on new concepts for care and treatment in the Northern Netherlands. They will present projects in the Dutch/Frisian towns of Dokkum and Drachten. Finally, Groninger Huis focuses on new concepts for housing and care in areas of demographic decline in which they seek combinations with leisure and tourism.

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