Building the Future of Health

Marianne van der Harten
De Noorderbrug

ZIF Session: New Initiatives in Care Pt. 1

Marianne van der Harten is CEO of De Noorderbrug for 7 years now. She leads the organization based on a strong vision, emphasis on professionalism, self-management (parallel to empowerment of clients), innovation and the principles of lean management. She graduated in educational science, later followed by a masters degree in change management.

"De Noorderbrug focusses on disabled people with acquired brain impairment (75%), deafness and psychiatric problems (15%) or a chronic neurological disease (10%). 400 clients (age 18-75) are living in our facilities, 1.250 people are living with their families. We support people in empowerment, self realization and participation by specialized programs and treatment.
We are financed by 92 local communities that are situated in 7 provinces and 4 healthcare insurance companies, mandated by government. Our turnover is about € 47 million. We employ about 800 people (500 FTE) of which 5 managers. We are connected to 400 volunteers, and participate in 420 cooperation networks.

From 2014-2015 in the city of Groningen we transformed a complex of old, empty offices into a vibrant ‘talent and living center’ which is home to 100 clients. The facility is innovative and unique to our country. Clients, their families and our employees have been partners in every step of the development and participated in expert groups and taskforces. Instead of sharing rooms, every client has his own private apartment including high tech domotics. The interior of the common spaces inside the center and the surrounding garden are styled by architects."

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