Building the Future of Health

Enrique Orts
Ayuntamiento de Valencia

Sport in the City

Enrique Orts is Technical Architect, Building Engineer and is currently completing his studies in Architecture. He has an extensive experience in management, planning, design and construction of sports facilities and international sports events. He also has a wide knowledge of the inner organization of the public administration. 

Enrique works in Municipal Sports Foundation of Valencia City Council for 18 years, managing all public sports facilities, drafting projects, supervising constructions, urban planning, participating in the organization of international sports events like Formula One, America’s Cup, World Indoor Athletic Championships, David’s Cup and Madrid 2016 and 2020 Olympic bid project. He also works in research and development of new technologies applied to the sports facilities, drafting several technical papers and publications and giving some lectures. He also has participated in several European projects. He is Teacher at Catholic University of Valencia since 2012 imparting the subject “Design Criteria of Sustainable Sports Facilities”. 

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