Building the Future of Health

June 1 10:00-11:30

Sport in the City

About inclusivity of sport and physical activity in urban plans

What needs a city for good sport and physical activity? How can city and sport to be spatial integrated? In Copenhagen and Valencia new sport cultures emerged, design: activity and space. For more than 20 years, spatial integration of sport and city is a natural combination. What makes sport facilities in Denmark unique, what is the role of the Institute for Sports & Architecture? And what were the key factors that could change the city of Valancia into a great city of sport and physical activity. Public conversation with René Kural of KADK (The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation, Copenhagen) and Enrique Orts (Fundación Deportiva Municipal - Servicio de Infraestructuras, Valencia municipality) and with Daniel Casas Valle and Vincent Kompier. About the factors of success and failure of spatial and social sport policy. Interesting and inspiring examples and practical use will be part of the conversation.

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