Building the Future of Health

June 2 15:30-17:30

TNO Session: Grip on Personal Health

The current healthcare system faces increasing costs, while chronic diseases continue to increase. Innovation in technology and the availability of detailed knowledge of the human body has resulted in advanced medical care. At the same time it has driven us towards a reductionistic approach that fails to address chronic, often lifestyle related, health problems. For the near future, we need a shift from this disease management to health promotion and empower people to work on their own health. As the Dutch organisation for Applied Scientific Research, TNO is at the forefront of this development and integrates knowledge and data of biological, psychological, social and behavioral dimensions. Only such an integrated approach allows a “grip on personal health” to tailor prevention, diagnosis and treatment to individuals and to enable individuals to live longer in good health. In this session we will address i) how bio-psycho-social health models allow fine-tuning towards personalised health including lifestyle support; ii) how personalised eHealth tools can promote behavior changes in young people; iii) how lifestyle medicine will support a health economy.

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