Building the Future of Health

June 1 12:15-13:45

Building Blocks of Healthy Ageing

Breaking traditional barriers

Globally the world population is still growing, but increasing longevity and decreasing fertility in many countries and communities is going to impact on most if not all aspects of society. Unprecedented in human history the proportion of individuals over 60-70 years of age will rise to 25% and above. This urges us to think of innovative ways to maintain and sustain individual as well as population health, functioning and independence, quality of life, wellbeing and welfare. Adequate nutrition, hygiene, accessible health care, a safe environment and housing are among the basic needs, yet, as such insufficient to even maintain a status quo. Through Building the Future of Health we aim to focus on these opportunities foregone, and open a broad discussion on how to break traditional barriers and engender and inspire collaborative efforts. To set the scene we have found four eminent speakers who are willing to share their experiences and insights with you.

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