Building the Future of Health

June 2 09:00-09:25

Everyone’s Dream

Finding New Housing Concepts and Urban Strategies

The impact of the living environment on health has been studied for many years and there is enough evidence to show that to achieve longer healthier lives, due attention must be paid to creating supportive housing and inclusive public space and services. Today the challenge is to find new housing concepts and urban strategies that will be flexible enough to adapt to rapidly evolving populations, addressing not only the needs and expectations of today’s older generations, but taking a longer perspective and a life course approach. Everyone dreams to be able to remain autonomous and stay in their own homes until the end of their lives, close to their social networks and actively engaged in their communities. Building for the future of health must thus look at what can be done to preserve not only older people’s but everyone’s abilities and health, taking a holistic approach as recommended by the World Health Organization. Anne-Sophie Parent, Secretary General of AGE Platform Europe – the largest network of older people’s organisations in Europe - and Secretary General of the European Covenant on Demographic Change – a newly established network promoting age-friendly environments - will share her vision on what needs to be done to build a healthy future for all.      

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