Building the Future of Health

June 2 14:00-15:00

Healthy Ageing: A User's Guide - Innovations From the Healthcare Industry

Healthy Ageing amounts to much more than a simple equation of spatial themes. In fact, until recently, our surroundings were of little importance to those who concerned themselves with ‘growing older healthily’, and there was no question of design being assigned a prominent role. Therefore, Healthy Ageing: A Users Guide considers all those other essential aspects of a healthy life and of growing older healthily. This means attention for the wider perspective and related developments and fields of study: from ageing populations/demography, socio-economic aspects and the perception of health, to good nutrition, exercise and medical technology. In the User Guide Sessions a variety of Dutch top researchers reflect on the future of their discipline and the possible meaning for our health and healthcare. Besides, we challenge them to connect their research to the main focus of the Building the Future of Health conference: the houses we live in, our cities and villages and our future hospitals.  

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