Building the Future of Health

Reimar von Meding
KAW architects

The Healthy City: Research and Design Pt. 4

Reimar von Meding is chief architect at KAW. The architect of German origin decided to build a career in The Netherlands, after studying architecture at the Technical University Delft. His motivation is designing for the ‘forgotten targetgroup’. This group includes everyone who do not have the resources or the ability to choose his or her own living environment. Reimar belives that ‘good living’ is the basis for a better life. His specialty is the design of housing quality – and at low cost. He is also working on a better form of housing with care. In the article “Caring for the city, he shows how architecture residential care the quality of its entire environment can improve. For this he was awarded several nominations for international architecture awards. Reimar shares his ideas on social housing regularly in lectures or in the press.

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