Building the Future of Health

Edisa Osmančevič
ZOD Ljubljana

Embedded Symposium: EIP AHA Reference Sites

Edisa Osmančević is a registered nurse and has worked for many years as a nurse and team leader at the University Medical Centre Ljubljana
(Slovenia) at the Internal medicine First Aid and now she works for a Home Care Institute Ljubljana in the scope of the project A-Qu-A (Active and Quality Ageing at home) of witch the main goal and objectives are to provide services of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dietetics, nursing and speech pathology for elderly and therefor to ensure them longer stay in home environment. During project implementation she is responsible for the identification of needs for therapeutic services in the A-Qu-A project, implementation of services for health care needs, participation in multidisciplinary teams, educational preparation and implementation, and lastly, she participates in researches. During the conference she will present the Institute for Home Care Ljubljana and the project A-Qu-A.

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