Building the Future of Health

Alvaro Valera Sosa
Technical University of Berlin

ENAH session: Lost in Translation Pt. 1

Since 2001 Alvaro Valera Sosa has developed architectural projects in countries such as Venezuela, Spain and the UAE. In 2007 he focused primarily on healthcare design, participating in numerous projects led by the Venezuelan Ministry of Health as part of a national hospital network overhaul. In 2012, after studying at the Berlin School of Public Health – Charité Medical University (Germany), he was entitled to establish evidence-based design research at the TU-Berlin with the aim of reviewing and informing planning & design processes of projects that support health promotion, all levels of disease prevention and medical care. As a public health researcher and architect, his vision is to reach a more sustainable healthcare system by developing medical neighborhoods as means for health empowerment based on education, health behavior and a high degree of self-care.

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