Building the Future of Health

Dorte Kristensen
atelier PRO

PBL session: Healthy Urban Living Pt. 2

Dorte Kristensen (director of architecture) is a Danish architect from origin. Her work centrals around the health of people and the quality of the environment. In her view, both contribute to the wellbeing of its users in the broadest sense. This view is given form by paying particular attention to choices on space, materials and shapes that deal with human actions. Dorte primarily designs public buildings with social functions. A special area in her oeuvre are creating buildings for vulnerable groups, for example the elderly with dementia, geriatric patients, children with learning disabilities or teenagers with behavioural problems. Particularly for these groups it is essential to have insight and empathy. Special attention is needed in finding solutions for these groups that do not fit directly into society. Projects on cure, care, educational and cultural environments are worked on together with her team of architects and interior designers. Care facilities like that of Bachtenstene in Middelburg and assisted and senior living De Plaatwerkerij in Vlissingen, as well as cultural domains like De Klinker in Winchoten and many other various educational settings are good examples. In each of these projects the perspective of the user prevailed. All of the designs emerge from intensive collaboration and exchange resulting in ever more surprising and fascinating results.

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