Building the Future of Health

June 1 10:00-11:30

Recent Dutch Hospital Architecture Pt. 1

Hospital typology

Dutch Healthcare Architecture has received wide interest throughout the world. Innovative concepts such as the core hospital, the layers model, and Evidence based design have left their mark on a variety of projects. In this sessions we will showcase the best practices of Dutch Hospital Design in the last decade. What makes these buildings special? How did the decision making processes define their architectural features? In this session: Orbis Medisch Centrum Sittard, Bernhoven Uden, Isala Zwolle, Medisch Spectrum Twente Enschede, Erasmus MC Rotterdam.

The Isala hospital in Zwolle (opened in 2013) was designed by a/d Amstel architects together with Alberts & Van Huut architects and Partners. Two hospitals to become one: A big effort to make a highly functional health building that does not show as a hospital at all, that gives comfort to staff and patients, colourful, lots of planting, both big and small, and if possible: stress reducing.

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