Building the Future of Health

June 3 15:30-17:30

Health @ BK Session

Promoting research and education projects in the field of health care at the Faculty of the Architecture and the Built Environment, the Health@BK platform is a ‘cross over’ initiative that promotes and facilitates intense cooperation between all departments. It stimulates multidisciplinary research into the complex relationships between the built environment, health and active aging and explores the opportunities (and limits) of Evidence Based Design. It initiates joint design studios, seminars, lunch lectures at the Faculty as well as the preparation of grant proposals. It represents health related projects at national and international conferences and invites scholars and students working in this field to Delft. The health related activities at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment covers a wide range of topics. Even so, the various approaches to these topics have a lot in common: they combine the analysis of the built environment (at all scale levels) with the study of the health effects on the people who work, live or, in the case of healthcare buildings, are treated there.

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