Building the Future of Health

June 2 13:00-15:00

Longer at Home Because of the Nursing Home

Future Meaning of Care and Nursing Homes

Due to technological and political developments, elderly people live longer in their own houses. Nursing homes are losing clientele. Veldacademie looked at institutions in Rotterdam and Amsterdam to see what role they play in their neighbourhoods and how they may be given a second life as a living space for older people. In the ‘new nursing home’, people are living apart together. They have all the facilities to be semi-independent, but can always meet in the shared living room for a chat. Veldacademie worked together with architect Jef van den Putte and Boudewien van den Berg (AMO, the research department of OMA). Their research results provide insight into the role care buildings can play in facilitating independent ageing in neighbourhoods.

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