Building the Future of Health

June 3 11:00-12:00

Health Utopias and the Landscape of Death and Decay

We all want to be happy and healthy. Who dares to argue against health and in favor disease, death and decay? We are all keen to condemn the modernistic, communistic and fascist city, but who dares to argue against a healthy one. The danger of taken for granted desires for health, is the danger of embracing health as the essential imperative for planning and design. It thereby reduces the future to particular health ideologies. To explore the potential dangers emerging health ideologies in planning and design, Martijn Duineveld will sketch and visualize a dystopian (or utopian for you?) future of planning and design in which the health ideology has been incorporated into its extreme. He will make us wonder if a more inclusive and diverse form of imagining the future of health is possible.

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