Building the Future of Health

June 3 13:00-15:00

Pulse, Data & City: GeoGroningen

In which neighborhood in Groningen do the inhabitants bike the most? And does this impact their overall health? Also: which neighborhood can croquette lovers best live in? These questions and more are explored with GeoGroningen, an interactive visual databank that invites Groningen’s citizens to get to know their city and more specifically, their cities health.

In line with the conference themes, a pilot version of the installation has been developed. This first draft combines all types of existing data (geographic, demographic, lifestyle) with a special focus on health. Reflecting themes most relevant to Groningen, GeoGroningen lets the user (citizen, tourist, scientist or policymaker) discover the city with ease. It will offer an interactive and playful way to remap and discover unexpected relationships between different aspects of health in the area of Groningen. You may delve into specific issues or just have fun by combining unexpected datasets.

In this exclusive preview, senior director Michael Badics and Harald Moser from Ars Electronica Solutions will demonstrate the pilot version of GeoGroningen. Discover the endless possibilities of this interactive installation and discuss future prospects for using and visualizing data.

“Just as every human being has got their own pulse, every city has got its own pulse – it’s the expression of bustle, vitality, or excitement. A city pulsates through its inhabitants, through the population’s actions, how they move, act, eat, consume and behave.”

GeoGroningen is a collaboration between Groninger Forum, the city of Groningen, Research & Statistics Groningen, Lifelines, Geodienst (University of Groningen), Partnership Groningen Bereikbaar, GGD Groningen and Ars Electronica Solutions (Linz, Austria).

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