Building the Future of Health

3 juni 10:00-11:00

ENAH session: Lost in Translation Pt. 2

The European Network Architecture for Health (ENAH; is a network of universities, research institutes working in the field of healthcare related architecture and urbanism, and research based architects and urbanists. Its primary mission is to promote the interaction between science and design, two fields with their own expertise, their own methods, their own vocabulary, and their own tools of the trade. How scientific is architecture? To what extent are scientists able to really understand architecture and urbanism? At the international conference Building the Future of Health, presents itself with a session that highlights the need and the opportunities to bridge the gap between these two worlds. More often than not, validated research findings that can enhance the public health effects of architecture and design are either ignored. Likewise, the professional discourse, the range of design options, the capacity to integrate findings from many different fields and the benefits of aesthetics is often lost on public health experts. As a consequence, the positive effects of design are often lost in translation.

The partners bring together many years of experience in research, teaching and practice, wish to mutually enhance each other’s expertise, and make their know-how available for practitioners who face the task of defining urban and architectural interventions to promote public health. The network wishes to recreate the lost continuum between the two well-tested strategies to improve general health conditions: prevention, and medical intervention in hospitals and psychiatric clinics in case of health crises. It covers themes that range from strategies to enhance public health through interventions in cities to new concepts for hospitals, psychiatric clinics and housing for elderly with mental or physical disabilities.

Lost in translation covers the field between urbanism and prevention on the one hand, and healthcare architecture and the management of health crises on the other. It highlights the potential of scientific research in the range of facilities it presents, shows best practices and occasionally provides examples where everything went wrong.

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