Building the Future of Health

June 3 11:00-12:00

Future Hospitals Presentation

Healthcare is constantly changing, so are the demands we make to a hospital. New treatment methods, the advancing knowledge and (medical) technology: all affect the way we organize our care, and thus our hospitals. They become smaller, smarter and above all less invasive. Nano robots and smart cells are here to help us to stay healthy. But there is something else that will increasingly affact the way we aproach healthcare and our healthcare facilities. What if we succeed in our helathy aging ambitions: two years of healthy living extra for everyone. This too shall undoubtedly have major implications for the organization of our healthcare. Within this context RAAAF was asked to think about the hospital of tomorrow. Unhindered by idee fixes and conventions, but with the help of experts within KPMG, Volker Wessels and others, they casted a view forward. What does the hospital look like in fourty years from now?

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