Building the Future of Health

June 2 09:25-09:50

Game Changers for Healthy Ageing

Opportunity for Investment and an Inclusive Approach

Until 2050 for every two persons leaving the workforce, Europe will have only one youngster in return. Demographic statistics show that more and more people will grow old in the cities, while the number of elderly people in the rural areas is shrinking. That is why cities and rural areas need their own tailor-made policy. A strong inter-generational approach is necessary to give the right answers to the underlying problems like health, adequate housing and social cohesion. In my view there are two central aspects that can further this. One is engaging local and regional authorities and other stakeholders through the Covenant on Demographic Change. The bottom-up approach is central. Strong fundamental and applied research like here in the North of the Netherlands can help build a bridge between a top-down and bottom up approach. I also support fundamental change to EU funding schemes. One of my ideas is to use demographic vulnerability as a criteria for distributing European funds. I hope that this conference will give me input for my work in the European Parliament on the mid-term review of the current Regional funds and for those of the period after 2020. I am happy that for many years the North of the Netherlands has already applied such an approach of both applied and fundamental research, knowledge and innovation for health. For research and innovation in the area of healthy ageing Horizon 2020 also offers funding possibilities, for example for developing e-Health solutions. During this conference we work on the e-Health perspective as a good example of smart specialization in the Netherlands for other Member States, regions and cities. I am not seeing ageing as a burden but as an opportunity for investment and an inclusive approach.

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